Peace Of Mind When Things Get Busy

During the dryoff in 2016, DWC undertook an Acraflex Installation on Nick & Jo Pillaret’s Herring Bone shed in the Waikato. A number of surfaces were badly in need of attention and we both recognised the need for careful planning to score a bullseye on the shed.

At the end of stage one, I asked Nick & Jo what mattered most for them about the work. A couple of things stood out from their comments.

Nick’s first comment, “You took the worst surface in the shed and made it the best”, undergirds the principle that ‘90% of the job is a preparation’.

His second insight we weren’t even conscious of until he said it.

“I’m always mindful of contractors on the farm. I want them to ‘get it right ‘. With you guys, I knew you were more concerned with the surfaces than I was, so I could concentrate on other things and not worry.”

We thoroughly enjoyed this project and the great outcome for all. Thanks, Nick & Jo for a ‘goody’!.

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