Hump Bridge Milk – Behind The Gate

Mike & Chris Richmond launched this great new Farmgate Milk Service in the spring of 2018. Whist figuring out the scope of the job, several objectives very quickly became apparent: Firstly, the need for highly cleanable surfaces, which can handle acids and alkalais. With HBM (Hump Bridge Milk) being a 'direct-to-market' service, [...]

Garage Door Restoration

Lack of maintenance ends up being very costly. Simple good structures fail. Their neglected protective systems cease working and the core structure then follows. Would you buy a $60,000 car and never maintain it? So ask yourself this.... "How much more is my home worth?" As part of our residential work, DWC recently gave [...]

2016 Workshop Epoxy Floor

When Tough Needs To Be Tough Shortly before Christmas, we completed a workshop floor where the client requested a hard wearing finish with an additional filling of the chase cuts in the floor. A high performance Jotun Epoxy was selected for the floor coating. With that on, the chase cuts were filled with [...]

2016 Pillaret Herringbone

Nick & Jo's Herringbone shed had an Acraflex installation during the dryoff. We've hit the hardest bit first. Backwall & Dairy. The pit will follow. "You took the worst wall and made it the best" Hard things like painting behind meal feeders and repair chemically eroded walls were the real test [...]

2015 Payne Rotary

p>This rotary cowshed shed went up in the 2015 season. One interesting feature of the specialist coatings is the underpass. As well as coating the walls and ceiling with Acraflex, Brad also requested a non slip coating to the floor. This was achieved with a hard wearing epoxy coating. The overall result is a [...]

2015 Hitchcock Rotary

Grant Hitchcock's new rotary shed, recently built by Gibson Rural of Te Awamutu, Coatings by Dairy Wall Coatings.