Hump Bridge Milk – Behind The Gate

Mike & Chris Richmond launched this great new Farmgate Milk Service in the spring of 2018.

Whist figuring out the scope of the job, several objectives very quickly became apparent:

Firstly, the need for highly cleanable surfaces, which can handle acids and alkalais. With HBM (Hump Bridge Milk) being a ‘direct-to-market‘¬†service, food safety was imperative.

Secondly, a long service life was also important, as HBM is open every day. Minimal disruption to that. Acraflex comes with a 10yr warranty on all new builds. Encouragingly, it’s real life span greatly exceeds that if cleaned regularly and cared for. The same applied to the dispensary floor, which we coated with an industrial quality epoxy.

Thirdly, DWC was able to fit in with the other trades and deadlines to help get the facility up to speed for launch day.

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