There’s Nothing Like A Good Entrance

To our town customers, we offer a restoration service

Painted steel garage doors appear on the majority of new homes these days. An integral part of the home, they are a high use utility. Like anything else, they age, rivets pop, paintwork deteriorates and eventually, something just stops. From an aesthetic point of view, they are a sizeable feature visible from the street. Put all this together, and periodic maintenance is smart money and provides peace of mind. Our aim is to professionally apply a sound coating system, which looks great and stays that way for years to come.

An ounce of prevention sure beats a pound of cure. Keep your door in good condition and looking sharp. It says a lot.

The service includes:

* Fungal Kill/Chemical Wash

* High-pressure wash to remove loose debris

* Spot rust treatment

* Rivet check & replacement

* Application of two good coats premium Dulux 100% Acrylic paint

Please note: Structural and mechanical damage to the door needs to be addressed prior to this service. Speak to your door’s manufacturer for advice on this.

Check the gallery for more images of the door shown here.